Hi there!, I'm Mario

I'm a web developer, speaker and an active Open Source contributor from Mexico.

Wrote my first lines of code (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) when I was in high school and that’s when I took an interest in web development. These days I'm focused on backend technologies, mostly Python and Rust but I also have written some PHP code in the past.

As a self-taught person I really enjoy learning new stuff. I have spent some time recently getting to know about Docker, CI/CD and trying Heroku.

An active Mozilla contributor since 2011. I was part of the Firefox OS launch team for Mexico [2013 - 2015]. Contributed to the localization of Firefox into Spanish [2012 - 2013]. Been promoting Rust across Latin America.

Also had the opportunity to join Mozilla Open Leaders as mentor and facilitator from 2018 to 2019.

In 2019 I also joined GitLab Heroes and GitKraken Ambassadors programs.

I am a speaker with over a decade of experience, with a passion for teaching. Have attended tech and innovation events in Latin America and Europe.

And as a way to document my learning process and share my experience with others, sometimes I write at dev.to


GitLab Commit London

GitLab Commit London

October 2019

I've been a tech speaker for over a decade. I have attended more than one hundred events in Latin America and Europe, to speak (in both Spanish and English) on Software Development, DevOps, Open Source, Community Building, Privacy & Security and Education.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others so I will be more than happy to speak at your event. Send an email to hi@mariog.xyz with details of your event, or use the contact form.

Previous Speaking Experience

  • Campus Party Mexico (June 2014) - Conversation Panel "10 years of Firefox"
  • PyCon Colombia (February 2017) - Web Development with Python and Flask (Workshop)
  • Campus Party Mexico (July 2017) - Creation of Telegram bots with Python (Workshop)
  • Congress of Technology - Huehuetenango, Guatemala (August 2017) - Introduction to Rust
  • Civic Innovation Lab - Argentina (October 2018) - Conversation Panel "Internet for Open Innovation"
  • Open Source Software Contributors Summit - Guadalajara, Mexico (September 2019) - [Slides] [Recording]
  • GitLab Commit London (October 2019) - [Slides] [Recording] [Blog post]
  • GitLab Commit (2020) - Virtual Event
  • GitLab Commit (2021) - Virtual Event